Emergency Service

around the clock

Step 1

Please dial 0049 (0)40 734 743 0

Outside our office hours, you will always reach our answering machine.

Step 2

Please leave your voice message on the answering machine: Clearly state your name, the telephone number where you can be reached during the emergency and a brief description of your refrigeration system’s problem.

Step 3

Our answering machine system will automatically call our technician on duty and play back your voice message. Should the technician himself be on the phone or unexpectedly outside of radio range, he will be called repeatedly until he answers. After repeated attempts, our telephone systems will contact further employees via a call cascade, so that in case the technician on duty cannot be reached, you will be called back by someone in our team within the next 30 minutes.


In the rare event that our telephone system is down due to a technical defect, you also have the possibility of contacting us via e-Mail. Follow the link below to send us a normal e-Mail. Customer Service will be informed and will contact you directly.

Please only use the emergency e-Mail option in the event of a technical disturbance of our telephone system.

The quickest was to reach is always via the telephone system’s answering machine.

Send e-MAIL