Mobile Refrigeration Equipment

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You tell us what you’re up against and what your refrigeration equipment needs to handle and we’ll ensure the best possible and most economic solution


From a van with a compressor-operated, integrated refrigeration system or rooftop installation up to a box vehicle with front-wall or under floor units, we offer you the appropriate solution for any use and every weight category.


(ATP-Support Point for repeat inspections)




  Test intervals for transport refrigeration


Products and Partners

tl_files/layout_content/logos/logo_Konvekta 50px hoch.jpg    General Agency Nord

tl_files/layout_content/logos/logo_konvekta_2.jpg   Westermann Further Development

tl_files/layout_content/logos/Frigoblock.jpg    Sevices Support Point

Clion [nbsp]Special Applications e.g. low temperature or hybrid systems


                                        Map of the Konvekta Regional Representatives


Please feel free to convey your requests to us via e-Mail . We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.