Refrigerating Equipment

Refrigerating Plants


Vehicle refrigeration from the smallest van to the largest semi-trailer 

Since 1982, we’ve been Konvekta’s general representative and responsible for sales and service in Northern Germany.

In 1983, we became Frigoblock’s service supporting point and carry out installations as well as all maintenance work and service.

We’ve been working with our main German suppliers for more than 30 years. We are most certain that our success not only lies on the paths but is also carried by the worldwide renowned quality. 

Of course our trained personnel are capable of carrying out services on all brands.




Supplies Refrigeration Equipment and Cold-Store for Ships
We’ve been involved in the maritime sector since 1997 and have equipped more than 140 of the most different types of ships (yachts, containers, RoRo, drilling platform, and many more.) 


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Refrigeration Equipment and Cold-Store in all Shapes and Sizes
As early as the company’s establishment in 1970, commercial and industrial refrigeration has been an important mainstay for us. 


Since 2013, we’re the service supporting point for CA Technologies for the best fruit quality; to also be able to offer our customers an overall concept in this segment.