Stationary Air Conditioning Equipment

Stationary air conditioning

You need the right temperature for your server room, office and/or living space? We have the suitable devices! Modern inverter air conditioning devices can cool and dehumidify or provide heat when the heating pumps are in operation. The inverter regulation enables an adjustable setting of the output and thus, saves on electrical operating power, reducing the wear and tear and increasing the comfort level.

From the broom closet turned into a server room, up to the HVAC equipment room with 200 kW heat input, we’ll solve your temperature problems in a most effective and economic manner.

We attach importance to the thermal comfort in a comfortable climate range. We achieve this by means of an intelligent implementation of various interior devices; because a professionally designed room air conditioner increases one’s well-being and boosts productivity.

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Mitsubishi   Northern Sales Partner


Cold and heat pump systems in stainless steel for special applications.


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