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Starting with miniature cold cells right up to industrial cold storage, whether you’re talking private, food service industry, food producers, industry or meat processing - we’ve that partner taking over responsibility and doing such since 1970! The individual project planning and handling of construction projects by our engineers, technicians and masters of trade takes place with the aid of state of the art CAD-systems.

We meet the rising energy costs with modern technologies to reduce the operating costs.

Our Energy Consultants for Cooling Efficiency are at your service.

Service supporting point for CA Technology

“Controlled Atmosphere” (CA) is a technology that effectively puts fruits into a state of “deep sleep”: During which the air’s nitrogen content is extremely increased. The fruits then barely produce their own ethylene (plant hormone).

The experiences made in CA-storage, attempts of the fruit experimental institutes and advances in the gas measuring technology have led to ULO-storage (ULO = Ultra Low Oxygen). The warehouse atmosphere’s oxygen content is strongly reduced and the optimal CO2 content is exactly complied with.

In this manner, the majority of the German harvests of apples are stored in a controlled atmosphere; allowing for a supply to the population for a longer period of time.

The Storex company has developed innovative and efficient solutions in this area of expertise.

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Energy Efficient Air Conditioner for Large-Scale Medical Devices

Energy Efficient Refrigeration System for the Hamburg Wholesale Market 



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Refrigeration systems for all applications, compound systems, machine units and specialized installations.


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