SET-line® Refrigerated Transports

Speziell [specially] Entwickelte[developed] Transportkühlanlagen (refrigeration transport installations] of the Westermann Kältetechnik GmbH company. Tailored to all common types of vehicles and areas of application. To a large extent, tube sets are used in all installations. This minimizes the rate of leakages and waives those elaborate repairs called for by permeable hose lines. The same spare parts are used in all installations, such as dryers, ventilators, pressure switches, etc.; ensuring that the spare parts availability is always guaranteed. All equipment is preliminarily set up for the installation of temperature monitoring devices.

You’ll find our specialized partner listed under “SET-Line Refrigerated Transports” on the map on the right-hand side.

The Concept

The concept is based on the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications as well as the demands and requirements for the fresh and frozen food service transports. All “keep fresh” installations were developed in an integrated construction technique, so the good CD-values of today’s vans are not impaired. Furthermore, we’ve waived the use of special parts that complicate our service and make it expensive.

The Services

Since we’ve waived using specialized parts during manufacturing, every air conditioning service has the equipment along to carry out maintenance and repair installations. In the case that service is rendered, the responsible car dealership or Konvekta-Service can be of assistance.

You’ll find our specialized partner listed under “Konvekta SET-Line Refrigerated Transports” on the map on the right-hand side.



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